“STEFANA is a gifted songwriter and vocalist with a heart of gold…she is a great, unique recording artist and wonderful humanitarian...it is truly heartwarming to work with STEFANA…for one is struck by her graceful determination to spread love through her music and relationships...she is a woman on a mission and her forum is universal ~ good positive music and the heart and mind to backup her message with action! It is with much admiration that I endorse STEFANA…Bravo!"

“STEFANA and her band were so energizing, mesmerizing and real fun to watch…they had quite a crowd gathered around...we attributed a big part of our success that day to STEFANA’s band”

"I love this song...it is so powerful and brings tears to my eyes...what a world wide message for all of us to echo...I am saving the world!!"

"I have seen large audiences, church congregations, school children, and professional broadcasters brought to tears and to their feet by STEFANA’s  song, ”Women Saving the World”…all of STEFANA’s music touches hearts…this song does more than that...it speaks to our very souls."

"STEFANA's star is brilliantly rising to her well deserved place in the rare world of extraordinary vocalist"

"This is beautiful, very peaceful and meditative...the perfect thing to listen to on the way to my weekly 'Stand for Peace'...I bought another copy to send to a friend in Israel so they can use it before and after their 'Stand for Peace'."


“Once in awhile someone comes along who stands apart from all the others…STEFANA is such an individual…I never forgot the impact of her voice, her style, her passion and her inner light”

"STEFANA has passion and unparalleled creativity...while listening to STEFANA's music I find myself whisked away on a musical 'magic carpet' to exotic lands...STEFANA makes a geography lesson from her songs...a performer who creates her masterpieces 'from scratch' makes tasty recipes with her lyrics and chords...I can hardly wait to find more CD's by STEFANA."

“Your music has a memorizing quality to it and I love lyrics that mean something…you are obviously sending a message here that a lot of people will be able to relate to”

“At times, funky, soulful, spiritual, inspirational – STEFANA’S CD 'Come As You Are' never fails to remind me that in all of life’s ups and downs, we are always held in love”

“Go and experience STEFANA for uplifting world beat songs with vocals that are sultry and as deep as the earth”

"A truly impressive talent...I saw STEFANA recently in concert and was so 'blown away' by the power and versatility of this performer that I had to go out and buy her newest CD...I've just finished her earlier CD and can hardly wait for more from this incredibly talented songwriter/singer...for those who haven't had the opportunity to hear STEFANA, do so by all means...her songs are rivoting and leave you wanting more."

“STEFANA has a very unique voice and interesting style…she writes great lyrics”